Our qualified, professional HR services practitioners provide best practice HR services and solutions that are reliable, consistent and cost efficient.  Our HR Services teams utilize a range of relevant technology systems and HR business tools to deliver targeted, efficient outcomes.

We operate to the highest standards in terms of policies, processes and client confidentiality, and we routinely review our work practices, seeking better and more innovative ways to bring value to your business.

Recruitment & Onboarding

Recruiting Services

End-to-end recruitment services from point of approval to hire through to first day on site, ensuring active process management and quality of hire. Tailored solutions delivered by highly experienced recruitment specialists that enable monitoring, control and tracking of job requisitions and the minimization of recruitment costs. Leveraging a wide range of sourcing and selection strategies to create quality candidate shortlists and manage the offer process to drive cost minimization and informed decision-making.

Hiring Clearances

Manage the collection and submission of clearance requests to relevant government entities, and conduct any background checks in line with Customer policy.

Onboarding & Induction

End-to-end onboarding of a new employee facilitated by an experienced team who work hand-in-hand with the wider network of internal and external service providers to coordinate a smooth transition and induction into the workplace.

Employee Relations

Employee Data Administration & Records Management

Accurate, classified and confidential employee data management delivering accurate records and minimizing administration.

Administration & Management of Employee Benefits

Day-to-day enrollment and management of employees within the company benefits framework in line with relevant eligibility, policies and procedures, and according to industry best-practice.


Employee Self Service

Adminstiration and Maintenance of automated and manual approaches to basic employee transactions including, Employment Letter, Leave Management, Loan Requests, etc.

Exit Management

manage full lifecycle of off boarding, to ensure all exit agreements are completed and leavers have a good experience.

PRO Services

Visa Administration & Third Party Interactions

Provision of economical end-to-end PR services including liaison with local Government departments and external agencies, delivering efficient results by utilizing industry-specific knowledge and established networks.

Government Relations

Communicate and interact with different government agencies, and represent the Company at locations such as the Police Station, Airport, Hotels, Embassies, Ministries/Municipalities & other departments.

Trade Licenses

Manage the process to obtain new licenses and renewals.

Medical Insurance

HAAD Service Licensing for Professionals and Facilities

Manage the process of licensing all medical practitioners and facilities in line with HAAD requirements and trigger renewals when required to help ensure the facilities and team can keep practicing.

Malpractice Insurance

Manage process of enrolling and managing malpractice insurance to help ensure risk is effectively managed.

Human Resources Information Reporting

Standard & Ad Hoc Reporting

Application of data mining practices to generate validated standard and customized reports on demand, providing insight and enabling informed decision-making.


Payroll & Pensions

Annual Compensation Administration

Management of changes to employee compensation using automated, mature systems that ensure accuracy and a minimal administration.

Payroll Disbursement

Effective and efficient disbursement of salaries, using industry best-practice methods that deliver regular and up-to-date records, and accurate processing aligned with individual company requirements.

Loan Processing

Loan processing and disbursement with a focus on timeliness and accuracy.

Administration of Pension Schemes

Pension administration and processing in line with Government regulations by a dedicated support unit with well-established processes, systems and relationships.

Contractor Management

End-to-End Service for management of Third-Party Contractors. We manage the full employee life cycle (recruitment, onboarding, management & separation) as well as the supplier relationship.